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Stock Control becomes an automatic process with the PCS Cheltenham Practice Management System. Accurate stock valuation is available at the press of a button. Re-ordering becomes as simple as printing a report. All a practice needs to do is log new stock as it arrives.

The stock system is designed to adapt to your requirements. This may be simple stock control by product type (men’s metal frame, ladies metal frame, unisex metal frame etc.) Or can be set to record precise size and colour combinations of individual models. And it’s not just frames. The system covers all items sold within a practice, including contact lenses, solutions, cases and cords.



Each product can have it’s own VAT rate. This is especially important with the specific rules relating to the sale of spectacles, but when used in conjunction with the Till System, VAT headaches become a thing of the past.



The system allows a practice to program in multi- leveled mark-up formula to assist with product pricing. This formula can be as simple or sophisticated as a practice requires, and uses the cost price of an item to suggest it’s retail value. Profit is also calculated on each item, and can be used to highlight low profit items.

Price labels can be produced, and the system will print bar codes if required.

"Shop Floor Data Collection & Stock Checking"

With a remote hand held Bar Code Stock Scanner integrated with our Stock System a full stock can now take under an hour.

The stock to be counted is downloaded to the device, you 'zap' or enter the frames or solutions, return the data back to your PC where the PCS System reports any differences...


These "exceptions" are priced so you can see the value of what is missing or in error, before the decision is made to then accept the figures.

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