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The PCS Cheltenham Recall System will produce reminders for the right patients at the right time.


Key Benefits:

  • A Quick & Easy Recall System

  • Prints Letters, Postcards, Labels, Lists etc

  • NHS Form Printing

  • Unlimited Marketing Options

  • Use Postcode to Generate Patient Address

  • Highly Stable & Reliable System

  • Free Format Notes for Each Patient

  • Data Transfer Available From Other Systems

  • Full Contact Lens Administration System

  • Customisable to Your Own Requirements

Many  options are available including Post Cards,  Personalised Letters,  Address Labels and even  lists  for  staff  to  telephone  patients. 

Any  method  that  can  be  adapted  to  suit  your  practice requirements. Subsequent  reminders can take another form to create greater impact.   Perhaps a simple postcard  first, and a stronger personalised letter to follow up those not responding.


Entering  recall  information is simplicity itself,  with just the necessary information to  generate  a reminder.  Remember  that  The  PCS Cheltenham system is unique in that all of  the  screens  can be  altered.  For  example  if prescriptions are required on the recall  record  they  can  be  added very quickly.

Different sets of "indicators"  are available on the patient record. Clinical  examples  are included with the system,  but  you  can  create  additional  categories  of  your own.  Useful examples include patient  spend,  dispense  type,  and  prescription range



The  indicators are used to uniquely personalise reminder letters.  Each patients letter will  include passages  of text based upon the indicators on their record.  This allows specific information to be  included  as  required.  The  system also calculates the age of the patient as the letter  is  produced  and automatically includes any relevant messages.  (e.g. Free NHS Eye Examinations for  patients aged 60 or over).


Click this link for a demonstration of Personalised Letters :-


A second Contact Lens Recall facility is also provided. This helps to simplify the administration of  care  schemes and frequent replacement lenses.  For example,  reports to check that all monies are collected, listings of your forthcoming lens requirements. This helps ensure you are not holding to  much, or to little, contact lens stock. Care scheme renewal letters are also available..

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