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If you are fully computer literate then it makes sense to use a computer in the consulting room for clinical record keeping. You will find the PCS Cheltenham screens clear and quick to input test results. Hard copy can be printed and kept off premises if required.
The system automatically maintains a Clinical Visit Number so there is no limit to how many examinations can be stored against a patient. Each visit can store free format notes along with more constrained results, which might simply require a "Yes" or "No" answer.


PCS can store Fundus camera photos taken during the visit with the patient record. When the clinical record is retrieved, photos taken at each visit are able to be viewed.



Customisation is where PCS Cheltenham's systems really shine, allowing you to alter the input screens to be more in line with the way you test. The input sequence for fields can be altered. You can add colour to certain fields based on your own rules. You can have fields default to certain values or even set as one thing. You might only ever use one piece of equipment to test Inter Ocular Pressures and therefore not need the system to ask how you arrived at these pressures - In this case the system could enter "Perkins" for you. If you

have two ways of measuring pressures you could have a menu of these to chose from.

  • More Modern Approach

  • Saves space

  • Access data on any terminal

  • Searching data for record retrieval is instant

  • No fingering through the filing cabinet

  • Easy to compare visit records

  • No flicking through loose cards or bits of paper

  • Scroll records to see changes in visits at a glance

  • Data analysis and statistical informa tion at your fingertips

  • Share information with other systems and modules

  • Link to various clinical equipment

  • NHS Form Printing

  • Easy GP Letter Referral


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