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Why spend hours each month sorting through invoices and statements or spend money on unnecessary accountants bills when this Practice Management System can do the job for you?


As with all aspects of the system, the Accounts function is simplified by requiring the input of minimal details regarding the payments a practice makes. Put simply, the Accounts System produces your ’Trial Balance Sheet’.


A practice records when a payment is made, who it is paid to, what it was for, and whether it included VAT or not.


From this the system can produce an annual trial balance sheet to present to your accountant, greatly reducing accountancy bills. Interim reports are available to see the state of the accounts at any time.

Transactions can be viewed by supplier, by type (show all frame purchases, advertising costs, repair and renewal etc.), or in date order to do a Bank Reconciliation. Quarterly VAT figures are also produced with ease.

The accounts system keeps a complete history of every payment made, these payments can be reviewed, and compared many years later.

Key Benefits: VAT Analysis, Instant Account Balance, Control Petty Cash, Spend By Supplier, Spend By Account, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation Integrated To Suppliers.


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